Our teamwork allows you to profit

from concentrated knowledge and the

best solutions.

We are used to giving virtuoso performances across the entire

range of taxes, auditing, trustee accounts and consulting, yet we

never lose focus on the individual complex top-ics.


Cross-departmental working is a key mindset for us.


  • Consulting for natural and legal persons
  • Consulting in all tax-related matters
  • Support for restructuring
  • Retirement planning
  • Completion of tax declarations
  • Representation during tax objection, appeal and complaint procedures


  • Ordinary and limited auditing
  • Special auditing such as foundation auditing, capital increase and reduction auditing, auditing according to FusG
  • Other business audits

Trustee relationships

  • Management of financial accounting
  • Management of payroll administration
  • Creation of interim and annual financial statements
  • Financial statement consulting
  • Budget, finance and liquidity planning
  • Coordination of company restructuring
  • Handling of company formations and domiciliations
  • Assumption of supervisory board mandates


  • Conducting of operational analysis
  • Development of business and finance plans
  • Support for succession plans and the continuation of the company
  • Valuation of companies